I’m a little late to this party…

but my love for Rotom is beyond any and all words. sweet jesus i just want to hug it until i die

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The Plug

Sooooo this is one of my projects from Art and Motion this semester, i am in love with stop motion animation now. This was pretty early on, and I’m an idiot and didn’t turn off auto ISO on my camera, so the brightness gets a bit jumpy in some places. (tried to fix it as much as i could) Also the audio is a little quiet, but hey i’m still pretty new at this.

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For Sollux :]

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its been such a long time guys…! i missed you all <3

it’s not much but im finally starting to get time to draw again since i don’t have any studio classes this semester :[ ill be posting more things soon, again thanks guys, you’re all lovely <3

meulin from homestuck! posted on my personal blog as well.

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Black and white graphic drawing of an owl pendant.

Also i’m so sorry for my absence on this blog as of late, it’s been tough….to all my followers who stayed with me, thank you so much.

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I’m ready for dream time, Mr. Bubbles.

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For science….you monster.

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Explosion Day- Better than Christmas.

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Oh fact core.

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